AICNU 2015 : Poster Presentation

The abstracts selected for poster presentation are as follows:

Poster No  Abstract ID  Research Abstracts Title  First Author
 1  AICNU2015-A46  Application of three different tools on Nutrition-Risk Scoring in the Intensive Care Unit  Ms. Srividya.N
2  AICNU2015-A27  Estimation of target proteins achieved in critically ill patients receiving enteral nutrition (EN) and its impact on clinical outcomes  Ms. S. Ramya
 3  AICNU2015-A22  Anthropometric measurements – Perception vs Reality  Ms. Hema Deenadayalan
 4  AICNU2015-A87  Does Hypocaloric feeding impact the outcome of critically Ill with increased BMI?  Ms. Vasumathi.M.M
 5  AICNU2015-A39  The ‘SUN’ Initiative: Do we have the scope to Scale Up Nutrition in the ICU?  Dr. Radha Reddy Chada
 6  AICNU2015-A90  Does Pre-Operative Nutritional Monitoring have an impact on Clinical Outcomes of Liver Transplantation?  Ms. Daphnee.D.K
 7  AICNU2015-A69  Feeding the critically ill: Is prone position a hinderance?  Ms. Rajalakshmi Parasuraman
 8  AICNU2015-A50  Role to assess the nutritional status and source and total protein intake with quality of life (FAACT score) in cancer patients  Ms. Divya S
 9  AICNU2015-A36  The Impact of Enteral Feed Interruption in Intensive Care Unit  Ms. V. Champa Mazumdar
 10  AICNU2015-A89  Analysis of Nutritional Deficits in Patients with End Stage Liver Disease (ESLD) Awaiting Liver Transplant  Ms. Daphnee.D.K
 11  AICNU2015-A91  Validation of a Nutritional Assessment Tool for Postoperative Paediatric Group  Dr.Vinitha Krishnan
 12  AICNU2015-A14  Food Habits of Our Future Generation  Ms. R. Anitha
 13  AICNU2015-A79  Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy affects Nutritional Status and Health Related Quality of Life in patients with Chronic Liver Disease  Dr. Namita Panagaria
 14  AICNU2015-A18  Comparative study of potassium correction in hypokalemic patients using,IV,oral and dietary Potassium supplementation in critically ill patients  Ms. Ananya Konar
 15 AICNU2015-A38  A Prospective Study on Early Nutritional Intervention with Eicosa Pentonic Acid (EPA) in Head and Neck Cancer patient undergoing Radiotherapy Ms. Sharmila Sita.S
 16  AICNU2015-A3  Assessing Nutritional Status of patients with Blood Related Disorder and their Nutritional Management in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Odisha.  Ms.Sunita Sahoo
 17  AICNU2015-A98  Evaluation of Nutritional Support on the Growth Parameters of Preterm Infants  Ms. Gayathri.G
 18  AICNU2015-A96  Outcomes of Protocolised Nutritional Intervention in Severely Malnourished patients  Ms. Silvia Sargunam
 19 AICNU2015-A93  Impact of Nutrition intervention in critically ill patients Ms. Mahima. D
 20 AICNU2015-A88  Nutritional Status of the School Going Children  Ms. Divyalakshmi.K
 21 AICNU2015-A53  Cognitive Impairment Associated with Chemotherapy in Cancer Patients Ms. A.Rajeswari
 22  AICNU2015-A20  Impact of continuous training in improving knowledge & awareness of basic therapeutic nutrition among Inpatient food service boys  Ms. Champakamala.C
 23  AICNU2015-A11  Prevalence of Malnutrition and Nourishing the Little Hearts with Congenital Defects  Ms. Lekha. V.S
 24  AICNU2015-A5  To study the Improvement in PG-SGA Score of Oncology Patients through Nutritional Intervention  Ms. Anita Jatana
 25  AICNU2015-A68  BCAA Supplementation for Hepatic Encephalopathy Patients  Ms.V.Suganya
 26  AICNU2015-A58  Impact of nutritional counselling in head and neck cancer patients  Ms. Neelam Agarwal
 27  AICNU2015-A31  Assessment of Quality of Life among Dialysis patients  Ms. A Uma Maheswari
 28  AICNU2015-A12  Ketogenic Diet in Children with Refractory Epilepsy  Ms. Lekha. V.S
 29 AICNU2015-A74  Effect of domestic cooking on Polyphenol and antioxidant content in commonly consumed vegetables  Ms. Harsha Rao G
 30  AICNU2015-A71  EPA DHA enriched high protein supplementation increases weight among pre-operative dilated cardiomyopathy patients  Dr. Vinitha Krishnan
 31  AICNU2015-A97  Impact of regular patient follow up on weight loss and nutrient profile post bariatric surgery Ms. Ritika Samaddar
 32  AICNU2015-A95  Nutritional Status and its outcome in Heart and Lung transplant recipients-An overview  Ms. Rekha.S
 33 AICNU2015-A9  Comparative study on impact of dietary counseling and nutrient intervention on patients undergoing maintenance haemodialysis (thrice a week)  Ms. Rana S
 34  AICNU2015-A94  Assessment of Nutritional Status of patients (CKD on Hemodialysis) in Hospital and followed by nutritional intervention Ms. Vasundhara Padma
 35  AICNU2015-A86  A study on benefits of Nutrition Intervention in Oncology outpatients receiving Radiotherapy Ms.Vaishali Agarwal
 36  AICNU2015-A60  Effect of Dietary Interventions for Burns Patients  Sathish Lal
 37  AICNU2015-A29  To assess the impact of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Gestational Diabetes and monitor the blood glucose levels Ms.Rubina Begum
 38  AICNU2015-A82  Effect of Energy Intake on the Nutritional Status of Maintenance Haemodialysis (MHD) patients  Ms. D.Rekha
 39 AICNU2015-A78  Prevalence of hypercholesterolemia and dietary habits of presenting for preventive health check-up (PHC) program in a tertiary- care hospital  Ms. M.Malarkodi
 40 AICNU2015-A55  Pediatric York hill Malnutrition score (PYMS) in Pre and Post Bone Marrow Transplant Pediatric Patients  Ms. Bhuvaneswari B
 41 AICNU2015-A7  To study the Outcome of Nutritional Interventions on Long Stay Patient  Ms. Swati
 Poster No Abstract ID Clinical Case Vignets Title First Author
 1 AICNU2015-A49 2 year follow up on 2 case report on Low Arginine diet in Gyrate Atrophy  Ms. Harita shyam
 2 AICNU2015-A26  Management of Chylothorax in a post CABG patient- a case presentation  Ms. P Mallick
 3 AICNU2015-A80  Chyle Leak following Oesophagectomy – A Nutritional Challenge  Ms. Rajakumari
 4 AICNU2015-A8 Dietary Intervention for Propionic Acidemia  Ms. Swati
 5 AICNU2015-A6  Dietary intervention in case of Lymphangiectasia causing Protein Losing Enteropathy  Ms. Kanika Narang