AICNU, Hyderabad, 2013

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Venue: Hotel Avasa, Hyderabad

5th & 6th October, 2013

Theme: “New age Evidence based Clinical Nutrition Practices”

Hyderabad Nutrition Declaration

Malnutrition is a major contributor to an increased morbidity and mortality, decreased function and quality of life, increased frequency and length of hospital stay and higher healthcare cost. Hence, Nutrition screening accomplished within 24 hours of admission and nutrition assessment by a Dietitian helps to find out the degree of malnutrition and decide on the nutrition care plan. In view of the above, during the 5th AICNU at Hyderabad, there was a “Hyderabad Nutrition Declaration” made with the following points which was acknowledged by all participants. Every Hospital should have a Dietitian

  • Every In-patient of the hospital should have a nutrition assessment
  • Dietitian should be part of multidisciplinary team
  • Dietitian should be part of multidisciplinary team