October 2015 Newsletter from AICNU

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From the Desk of the Organising Chairperson, AICNU

In this edition, we are covering four key topics:

  1. Article of the Month

  2. Upcoming Conference – AICNU 2016, Colombo, Srilanka

  3. Evolution of AICNU

  4. Download Certificate – Instructions for participants, poster winners and quiz winners

1.Article of the Month

This month we are covering the article titled ‘Anthropometric measurements – Perception vs Reality’. This is the abstract of the won the second prize during the AICNU 2015 in Ahmedabad. The premise of the abstract is to understanding the role of anthropometric measurements for maintaining good health and avoiding obesity and malnutrition related medical problems. This study aimed to evaluate the understanding of common anthropometric measurements such as height, weight and waist measurements among adults in an outpatient clinic by comparing their perceived and actual measurements. Read more https://aicnu.org/anthropometric-measurements-perception-vs-reality/

2. Upcoming Conference – AICNU,2016, Colombo, Srilanka

The Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update is an annual event, which addresses aspects of patient care at hospitals and also that of hospital-based nutritional interventionThere is ample evidence that a team approach to nutritional intervention in the hospitalized patient has a beneficial effect on patient outcome. Hence, in the Scientific Programme of the Updates, Doctors and Dietitians together as a team address medical and nutritional requirements of different clinical conditions. The event faculty includes distinguished National and International Physicians, Surgeons, Pediatricians, Intensivists, and Clinical Dietitians, who are well-known nationally or internationally for their contribution to Clinical Nutrition.

This year we are conducting our 8th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update in Colombo, Srilanka on 13th & 14th August, 2016. So block your dates…..

3. Evolution of Apollo Internationational Clinical Nutrition Update (AICNU)

The Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update is an annual event, which was initiated in the year 2009, at Chennai only for the Apollo Group Dietitians and subsequently conducted in different metros of India for the benefit of the practising Clinical Dietitians at various regions.

CNU 2009 – Chennai

CNU 2010 – Chennai

AICNU 2011 – New Delhi

AICNU 2012 – Kolkatta

AICNU 2013 – Hyderabad

AICNU 2014 – Bangalore

AICNU 2015 – Ahmedabad

These events are a platform for discussing the latest in clinical nutrition and to share the best practices with the practising Dietitian fraternity as part of knowledge sharing  initiatives of Department of Dietetics, Apollo Hospitals Group. To know more about AICNU Click here

4. Download Certificate – Instructions for participants, poster winners and quiz winners

Attention: Posters / Clinical Nutrition Quiz Winners
The certificates for the poster presentations and the clinical nutrition quiz winners are available for download in the website now. To download the certificates go to https://aicnu.org/how-can-i-download-my-certificate/

Attention: Delegates of AICNU 2015

Your feedback is very valuable to us. If you have not submitted your feedback yet, Go to https://aicnu.org and login by entering your email Id and your password, click on Feedback link and complete your feedback form.

Once feedback is submitted, you will see a Download Certificate link. Click the link and the certificate will open in the browser window. You can also save this as a PDF for future reference.

If you would like to print your certificate on high quality certificate paper, please use colour printing and remember to ask for ‘300 GSM Board – Certificate Paper’ or similar, during printing.

For further details on feedback submission and download of certificates go to https://aicnu.org/how-can-i-download-my-certificate/

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Shankar

AICNU Organising Chairperson

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